AOA House of Delegates

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State Chair

Matthew D. Cannon, DO


Jeffery Cashman, DO
Ryan Hakimi, DO, MS, FNCS, NVS
Timothy J. Kowalski, DO, FACN
Tom Lindsey, DO

Student Delegate

Danielle Souza

Student Alternate

Juan “Tommy” del Calvo
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SCOMS Delegates to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) House of Delegates 

SCOMS Delegates to the AOA are appointed by the Executive Committee.

Role of the Delegate

A SCOMS AOA Delegate is a SCOMS and AOA member who represents the organization at the national level at the annual House of Delegates of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). This is the policy making body of the AOA and the osteopathic profession.

SCOMS Delegates attend the annual meeting and provide voice for South Carolina DOs on national policy. Delegates attend reference committees where policy is reviewed and the actual House of Delegates where policy is debated and voted on.

Expectations of an AOA Delegate

  • SCOMS and AOA membership
  • Proficient email use
  • Orientation meeting attendance via a conference call prior to the AOA House of Delegates
  • Caucus meeting attendance at the AOA House of Delegates as announced by the President
  • AOA reference committee service and/or reference committee meeting attendance as delegated by the South Carolina State Chair
  • Full AOA House of Delegates session attendance
  • Willingness to review resolutions and reports prior to the AOA House of Delegates
  • Ability to stay abreast on the issues to be debated as they have a responsibility for establishing policies for the entire profession

Reimbursement for AOA Delegates

Delegates receive a stipend determined by the SCOMS Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees to help cover expenses while in Chicago.